RAB Components are a leading supplier of the fmest quality Electronic Hardware and fastener items on the market. We deal and supply various types of superior quality screw machine items and products such as cold headed specials, shoulder screws, thumbscrews, self clinching hardware, standoffs, spacers and more.
When it comes to shoulder screws, accuracy makes all the difference, and RAB Components precisely delivers high quality screws at affordable prices. RAB Components, Inc. is one of the most prominent suppliers of premium quality shoulder screws on the market.

RAB Components are premium suppliers of high-quality standoffs. These are essential mechanical fasteners used in different industries to keep the two components from contacting each other.

RAB Components supplies jack screws for applications that require linear motion to run components like mechanical lifts and linear actuators. We also supply them to industries that require any type of pushing, pulling, load-lifting or adjusting of tight clearances of mechanical parts and equipment.
Swage Standoffs
Industry-wide acceptance to smooth and easy-to-install screw machine items led to the invention and earnest production of self-clinching hardware items such as fasteners. RAB Components are leaders in supplying superior quality screw machine products on the market.