Self Clinching Hardware rfq

Industry-wide acceptance for smooth and easy-to-install screw machine items has led to the invention and mass production of self clinching hardware components. When it comes to procuring precisely manufactured self clinching hardware components, the name of RAB Components is prominent in the market. A rich industrial experience of more than 30 years, excellent logistics and supply chain network, instant response to customers’ requirements and excellent customer service etc are some of the many factors that made us gain substantial competitive advantage in the market.

Today, self-clinching hardware is commonly used worldwide by many manufacturers in many industries including:

  • Aerospace
  • Military
  • Medical
  • Automotive
  • Telecommunication
  • Computer
  • Gaming equipment and systems.

  • Avail Self Clinching Hardware Components at Fair Deals

    Self-clinching hardware components create permanent and robust screw threads in thin non-metallic and metallic sheets. They are specifically designed to squeeze into the desired drilled holes of pliable metal sheets and prevent the fasteners to come off during rugged operations.

    To meet the requirements of customers from varied industrial sectors, we keep our stock ready with different sizes, materials, and styles of self-clinching fasteners. Our inventory carries:

  • Nuts
  • Studs
  • Spacers
  • Standoffs
  • Pins
  • Concealed-head and more

  • Some of the key advantages of RAB Component’s self clinching hardware components are:

  • They are capable of providing high pushout and torque-out resistance.
  • They do not require special hole preparation like chamfering and deburring.
  • They do not require retapping after applications.
  • They can be installed using any standard Arbor press.
  • Less assembly time and fewer assembly steps.
  • They can be installed at low cost and with low maintenance
  • They provide strong threads or attachment in metal as thin as .0.50 mm / .016".
  • They can be easily installed using any parallel acting squeezing force.

  • Striving to be the ‘Best-In-Class’ Supplier

    You will receive only high quality self clinching hardware as they are delivered to your doorsteps after a comprehensive inspection and performance test. They are properly sized and are manufactured to exacting specifications, so that they will withstand an attached component’s weight, torque and pull.