Jack Screws: rfq

RAB Components supplies jack screws for applications that require linear motion to run components like mechanical lifts and linear actuators. We also supply them to industries that require any type of pushing, pulling, load-lifting or adjusting of tight clearances of mechanical parts and equipment.


Jack screws are standalone two words fasteners to designed to perform various processes such as leveling, lifting, adjusting, and supporting applications in different industries. These fastening systems are mainly used in assembly lines and automated production fields to accurately control and carefully position heavy weights.


RAB Components jack screws ruggedly designed and are effectively used individually or in multiple arrangements. They are screws that draw two connector halves and hold them mated together, or unscrew to take the halves apart from each other. A jack screw features both an internal male externally threaded screw shaft and an internal female thread on the opposite end ofthe screw. Both sides -4-40.


Use our jack screws to improve the efficiency of an application and increase the magnitude of an effort force as well. To learn more or request a quote, contact RAB Components at 1-631-539- 4741.

Specialty Fastener Items Supplier in United States areas such as California, Texas, Florida, Massachusetts and Illinois

According to the North American Fastener Industry, more than 200 billion fasteners are used annually in the U.S. alone with approximately 26 billion used by the automotive industry. With such apparent significance of fasteners in several industries such as automotive, aircraft, and commercial construction and infrastructure, suppliers of fasteners are also unprecedentedly growing. One of which is the RAB Components, Inc. an online company which is based in West Babylon, New York an delivers in California, Texas, Florida, Massachusetts, Illinois and surrounding states. RAB Components, Inc. supplies superior quality of specialty faster items such as precision shoulder screws, jackscrews, electronic hardware, standoffs, and spacers amongst others.


RAB Components, Inc. supplies fastener materials in New York such as in the areas of California, Texas, Florida, Massachusetts, Illinois, and surrounding states. In particular, we supply jackscrews used for applications that require linear motion to run components like mechanical lifts and linear actuators. We boast a wide array of jackscrew types and other fastener items collection to ensure that we will be able to cater the needs of our customers. For our precision shoulder bolts, we have both metric and inch standard size shoulder bolts, available in tight dimensional tolerance. Our products are guaranteed to be RoHS compliant and are manufactured with strict adherence to the international quality standards. Hence, we assure cost-effectiveness and return of our customers’ investment with our superior quality of and affordable specialty fastener items.


RAB Component, Inc., again, is an online-based supplier of jackscrews, shoulder screws, and other fastener materials. We deliver in California, Texas, Florida, Massachusetts, Illinois, and surrounding states in a timely and efficient manner. Visit our website now for more information regarding our products or call us to schedule an appointment for your specialty fastener materials purchase.